Day of DH 2016

Posted by on Apr 29, 2016 in DH, Gradlife

Typewriter 1Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of facilitating a Day of DH blog for the Ryerson CDH. The Day of DH is both an annual event and a publication project. This CenterNet initiative connects hundreds of scholars who coordinate, one day a year, over blogs, forums, and social media platforms to showcase their unique iterations of a day in DH life.

This was the CDH’s second year participating, and my second year facilitating our Day of DH blog. The blog has become a kind of time capsule that documents CDH work each year. Such a record is precious because, like most research centres, the CDH exists in flux. Membership and projects change over time, and each year’s team and their progress deserve a grateful nod or three. Fittingly, this time capsule is collaborative. Each blog post was written by a different CDH member, fellow, or research assistant; contributors include undergrads, MA and PhD students, and Ryerson faculty. In this way, our Day of DH blog reveals that a day in the life of the CDH is collaborative and conversational. And like all Day of DH participants, Ryerson CDH members collaboratively participate in a broader, ongoing conversation about what digital humanists do.

To see what I mean, check out our Day of DH blog. You can learn more about Day of DH here, and explore Day of DH 2016’s blogs and online forums here.

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