ILN Printing MachineMy dissertation is on British Illustrated Magazines and the Technological Imagination, 1880-1910. I investigate the wonderful and myriad ways that readers’ print media literacy shaped their encounters with late-Victorian illustrated periodicals and the depictions of popular culture therein.

I am the team lead on the Yellow Nineties Personography, a biographical database for The Yellow Nineties Online. Both projects are based at the Ryerson Centre for Digital Humanities.

Queering and Querying History in the Digital Age summarizes some of the discoveries that Lorraine Janzen Kooistra and I have made and the insights that have followed as we develop the Yellow Nineties Personography.

The New Woman and Biopolitics was the culminating research of my MA. My capstone essay was titled, “‘There is nothing . . . stronger than a mother’: The New Woman and Population Politics in Emma Frances Brooke’s A Superfluous Woman.”